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We are the premier SEO services Company with extensive experience in graphic design, SEO, and content management systems. We always seek to find ways of ensuring that our client’s site(s) are designed, managed and curated in such a way that they rank high on all search engines. Our staffers have the skills and experience it takes to integrate all the client’s needs and preferences into the existing SEO techniques and strategies in a way that raises its organic rank. At 4 Directions Media we understand that SEO is as much an art as it is a science and that the best SEO tricks lie at the intersection of the two.


Why Does My Website Need SEO?

The biggest chunk of web traffic is driven by Google, Yahoo, and Bing who are the largest search engines. The recent entrants are the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Baidu. These platforms and other types generate site visits since they are primarily tools of navigation for internet users. Keep in mind that ranking high on google Search increases your conversion rate by an average of 33.41%. This drops significantly if you are ranked on the second page. If your site can achieve high organic ranking then it will provide lots of organic marketing for your goods or services.

Client Research

One of the central and core values of our team is that we have a heart for endless curiosity, prodding, and experimentation. There is virtually no SEO services trick, skill or strategy that we haven’t tried out and tested its viability and efficiency. We always make sure that we schedule a meeting with your clients so that we can verify the deliverables and agree on the terms of engagement. The first thing we do is to carry out a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit, persona development, site mapping, as well as end-user journey mapping of your site.


Crafting Your Content

Content is the primary Search Engine Optimization strategy. No matter how well your site is structured, ultimately it’s the content that ensures you get conversions. Therefore you have to acquire interesting, insightful, engaging and valuable web content for your site. We as a team can be able to not only craft good content for you, we can also ensure proper keyword placement. The kind of content that you have on your site also has to be SEO optimized. We can influence the search engine bots by strategically optimizing your content for specific keywords.

Optimizing Your Code

The search engines don’t just read the text, they also read the site’s code. There are about eight different sections of a site’s code that are optimizable. The first section we can optimize for you is the title tags which encase the title of your site. The second ones are the Meta tags which are also known as the Meta description tags. Thirdly we’ll be able to advise you on optimizing the sitemaps. The fourth section is the URL structure. Messy URLs codes are hard to trace by search engines. The fifth section is the site structure. This is primarily concerned with how you link the web pages together.


Social Media Optimization

Social Media have become the most critical SEO platforms. Social media is the largest platforms in the world. Keep in mind that Facebook has 1.2 billion denizens, LinkedIn (300M), Instagram (500M), Twitter (300M), Snapchat (300M) and WhatsApp has about 1.2 billion members. We can guide you on how to create social media platforms that are attractive, engaging and interesting. We can link your site and your social media platforms in a way that will help you optimize the strengths of each social media to shore up your site’s visibility, SEO, and conversions.

Creating Links

This may be the most critical aspect of an SEO. We can advise you on how to have more high-quality sites link up to your website. What makes links critical is that it’s hard to convince hundreds or probably thousands of sites to link up to your site. We can guide you on how to go about getting high quality, non-spammy sites to link up to your site. Higher amounts of quality links always raise the rank of your site in the search engine metrics. Having links from related and relevant sites on the content is better than having them on the footer or sidebar.


Local Online Marketing

This is one of the critical skills that we can avail to you. As the premier SEO Company around, we can help you navigate local search to ensure that you have high ranking high on google within your geographical region. We will help you develop useful, localized keywords that are priority links in the local searches. We have the creative, artistic, editorial, and the technical, as well as analytical range of skills needed to craft the kind of content that will build your local profile on Yelp and Google. By hiring us you’ll be joining along list of satisfied clients whom we work with.


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