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The Internet is vast. This is, of course, its inherent power. However, it is also its inherent limitation. After all, with so much out there, how do you make sure your website stands out? The answer you are looking for lies in digital marketing.


What Is Digital : Marketing?

Digital marketing is a term used to describe marketing efforts online. Traditional marketing leveraged older mediums like print and television. Digital marketing, by contrast, takes marketing to the Internet. This may sound simple in concept, but when you think about the diversity of online outlets, you can realize just how diverse digital marketing can be. Fortunately, 4 Directions Media excels in all areas of digital marketing, giving your website the best chance of success.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the practice by which people design a website to give it traction with Google. Google takes keywords entered by users and checks to see if your website uses those keywords. The results are ranked by how well your website matches the needs of the user. People have become conditioned to look at only the first page of results from a search engine. In fact, the higher a website appears in the search results, the more credible it seems. This is why strong SEO development is critical for success online.

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Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click advertising removes the element of chance from your online marketing. Unlike SEO development, which does not pay Google for results, pay per click management pays other platforms to promote your website. This way, you can be sure that your website appears at the top of the page. The reason they are called pay per click ads is because you are charged based on how many people actively click on your link. In this manner, the cost is directly related to your results.

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Social Media Management

Almost everyone uses social media for fun, but you can also use it for your business. To do this, you need to actively maintain your social media accounts, providing consistent updates that are meaningful or entertaining. This allows you to interact with your consumers on platforms they already use, giving you increased access that engenders loyalty and cements your brand. Successful social media management requires an expert touch. At 4 Directions Media, we create social media butterflies, allowing your business to naturally flit into the lives of your consumers for tangible results.

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Google Analytics Reporting

Digital marketing must be driven by data in order to be successful. This data should come from Google analytics reporting. How many hits did your website receive? How did people find your website? How long do people stay on your website? Are hits turning into conversions? You can use this data to make better choices for your digital marketing needs. 4 Directions Media relies heavily on analytics, and we always report the full measure of your data. This includes the good and the bad. We believe that this is important for your success and ours.

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