Case Study

The Pigeon Guy

How we helped The Pigeon Guy


Increased in conversions

From 11 to 35 in 3 months


Decreased in cost per conversion

From $173.19 to $47.39


improvement in CTR (click through rate)

From 1.68% to 5.80%


Pigeon Guy

Pigeon Control Specialist for Residential & Commercial Properties

The Pigeon Guy – Pigeon Control Specialist for Residential & Commercial Properties

The Pigeon Guy specializes fully in pigeon control for domestic and commercial properties in USA. It is enormously dedicated to providing exceptional customer service with professionally trained office staff. This is 24 hours answering company which is mostly serving in Arizona, United States.

TARGET COUNTRIES: Arizona, United States

CAMPAIGN: Google Search Ads


The significant increase in conversions, with a much lower cost per conversion.

Conversions: [218% INCREASED]
218% Increased from 11 to 35
Cost per conversions: [73% DECREASED]
73% decreased from $173.19 to $47.39
Click through rate: [245% IMPROVEMENT]
245% improvement from 1.68% to 5.80%

As you can see there is marked difference in the conversions, cost per conversion and Click through rate in just 3 months.

The Pigeon Guy is just one example of what 4 Directions Media can do to improve a company’s digital footprint. When your website is designed with the right goals in mind—accessibility, searchability, and profitability—it can make a huge difference in your ability to reach customers, build your brand, and increase revenue.

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To improve the conversions and performance of the existing Google Search Ads campaign


The biggest challenge associated with managing this account was managing keywords and locations to save the maximum cost of the lead.


  • Monitor budgets and keyword bids at least every few days
  • Account optimization at keyword level and added relevant search queries
  • Excluded irrelevant search queries on regular basis e.g. [how to kill pigeons]
  • Targeted only hyper locations

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