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Arizona’s Leading Experts in Disaster Restoration

Titan Restoration of AZ Achieves 289% Increase in Organic Traffic In First 6 Months of 4DM Digital Marketing Campaign

4 Directions Media is a specialized web design and development firm that is not only concerned with creating visually appealing, beautiful websites, but also making sure that they gain as much internet search traffic as possible. The most impressive website in the world won’t do you much good if people can’t find it.

This is where we excel. Our company’s team of design experts are specialists in creativity and innovation and we pair this with in-depth industry expertise in search engine optimization SEO and web traffic generation to produce a successful online presence for any business.

Over the years we have partnered with hundreds of businesses and created effective and engaging websites that have generated leads, expanded industry influence, and increased profits. The following case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a 4DM digital marketing campaign.

Titan Restoration of Arizona – Arizona’s Leading Experts in Disaster Restoration

Titan Restoration of AZ is a full-service restoration company based in the Phoenix valley, that works in both commercial and residential restoration. They are a local company that wanted to expand their client base and increase the volume of work and revenue by improving their search rankings and online presence.

We have tried many website and SEO solutions over the years. Everyone makes bigs promises about how they can get you ranked and drive traffic. Wyatt and his team has been the only company that has delivered consistently. He doesn’t oversell or over-promise but his results have been phenomenal. Worth every penny that we have invested. He is also extremely responsive and looks for ways that he can continue to add value.

- Rachel Stewart, General Manager of Titan Restoration


The results speak for themselves. Over an initial six-month period, from June 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018, the improvement in all areas—the amount of traffic, domain authority, number of backlinks, and keyword positioning—was significant. The following graphs clearly demonstrate the enhancement and overall effectiveness of the new website to drive traffic and increase views.

Period: June 1st 2018 to November 30th 2018

Traffic Results:

Consistent growth in the Organic Sessions from 286 to 829 [289%]

As the graphs indicate, not only was there an immediate spike in traffic once the new site was live, but traffic continued to grow month after month.

Domain Authority:

Domain authority is a metric that can gives an at-a-glance picture of how valuable Titan’s domain’s link is estimated to be. It can also be a good predictor of how high the site will rank in a search. Titan’s higher domain authority is correlated with its high search ranking.

Total Backlinks (Google Search Console):

By increasing Titan’s backlinks from other places on the web, it builds their brand and boosts the website’s authority with search engine crawlers, allowing their automated processes to recognize the validity of Titan’s site.

Keyword Positions:

As you can see there is marked difference in the keyword position from June to November.

Titan Restoration of AZ is just one example of what 4 Directions Media can do to improve a company’s digital footprint. When your website is designed with the right goals in mind—accessibility, searchability, and profitability—it can make a huge difference in your ability to reach customers, build your brand, and increase revenue.

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While Titan Restoration had an existing website in place, it was not set up to be effectively visible or noticeable to search engines and, therefore, the existing site was not getting the online traffic that would allow the company to generate leads or build their business. Our primary goals were:

  • Create a search-friendly website
  • Maximize visibility in search engines
  • Increase website traffic and local ranking through targeted keywords


Using a specific formula that has been proven to improve search engine optimization, we redesigned Titan’s website from the ground up, focusing our efforts in these key areas:

  • Consistent keyword-focused flow of expert content via blogs. These keep the website fresh and allows more indexing and ranking spikes from search engines
  • Publishing Press Releases to improve backlinks and referral traffic
  • Increase website traffic and local ranking through targeted keywords
  • Focusing on the company’s service area via local business listings
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