About Us


Owner & chief of creativity
  • 1/2 navajo indian
  • 1/2 british american
  • Speaks spanish
  • loves family
  • plays sports


Head of Smartphone App Development
  • Enjoys all things nerd including Dungeons & Dragons and many other strategic table top games, video games (especially those made by Blizzard) and math & science.
  • He also occasionally likes to join his dad in their band room where they crank up their electric guitars and sing together.
  • During the summer you may find him out on the ocean with his surfboard.
  • Chris brings to the table nearly a decade of social game making experience including his most recent title, Cookie Jam. Look out for his next title coming to app stores soon!


Visionary of Film and Virtual Effects
  • To put it simply, he sews dreams into reality like Elias Howe. To put it boringly, he is a multimedia artist located in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in professional video production services. He is an accomplished film producer and post production supervisor that has created high profile videos for Toyota, Scion, Las Vegas, Scotland, Dubai, and many others.
  • Brian created his own multimedia production company, BT Productions, but is now a part of the 4 Directions Media team.



VP of Business Development
  • Jeremiah Brings over 15 years of Business Development and Marketing experience to 4 Directions Media.
  • He has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, Respected Tribes and his first job was a security Guard at a Casino.
  • Graduated from the University of Utah and recently from Arizona State University.
  • Jeremiah is a South-Paw that enjoys bringing his creativity to the table to assist businesses who want to take their business to the next level.